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How to Make a Headache Pillow

How to Make a Headache Pillow

Did you know that according to WebMD, approximately 45 million Americans suffer from chronic headaches, and of them, 28 million suffer from migraines? Are you one of those people who suffer on a regular basis? Sometimes the best remedy is natural. In...

Keep Kids Entertained on Car and Airplane Trips

Keep Kids Entertained on Car and Airplane Trips

    Summer vacations are fast approaching, and with them comes inevitable long car rides and airplane flights to visit family, friends and faraway places. Keeping kids entertained during these trips can be a challenge, especially when the p...

Stress Eating

Stress Eating Doesn’t Have to be a Bad Thing

Many of us are stress-eaters. We break out that bag of potato chips after a hard day at work or turn to a jumbo bag of M&Ms when the going gets rough. It happens, but a new study soon to be release reveals if you already have healthy eating habits in place, you’re more likely to stick to them, even during times of stress. Stress eating is...